Safe and Secure
Equine Trading

We've built the world's most intuitive payments platform for buying & selling horses online. The buying and selling process is now digitised, we have removed traditional barriers and created a secure method to trade instantly.

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What is HorsePay?

A robust payments protection platform delivering unrivaled safety and security

HorsePay is pioneering a safer and more secure way to trade equines online, removing barriers, eradicating exploitation and delivering trust. Our Instant sale feature is unrivaled, inspiring confidence and delivering the security that the traditional horse world has been missing.

Safe and Secure Equine trading

We deliver protection, eradicate exploitation and inspire confidence in both the buyer and the seller.

Transact anywhere in the world

We give The Global Equine Community the ability to transact anywhere, anytime using our unrivalled payment protection platform.

Payment protection without the need for a listing

Use our Instant Sale feature to transact securely with anyone, anywhere, anytime! Payment protection without the need for a listing

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Problems we solve


Respectable Equine Traders have been exploited for decades by Corrupt Individuals and outdated practices.


The equine industry has been crying out for a digitised solution to solve the widespread distrust in our community

Not Regulated

A combination of seasoned horse traders, poor technology, and old habits has left a €278 Billion industry totally unregulated.

Traditional Barriers

Traditional practices affect nearly all aspects of equine trading, like perception about pricing, undisclosed vices and poor traceability!

Designed for our community

A system built with the community, for the community and by the community that delivers unparalleled security and technology for one of the worlds greatest untapped markets. We've built a payment protection solution that the equine community globally can be proud of.


Finally bringing equine trading into the 21st Century with tailored Digital Payments


Instant trust with complete strangers through our warranty


The protection you need to buy and sell with Confidence


Guaranteed protection of funds for up to one week.

A Changing Industry

The World's Greatest Untapped Market

For decades the equine community has been held back from achieving its full potential through minimal progression in technology, unregulated payment procedures and an over reliance on outdated practices.

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Irish market

There are over 14,000 transactions yearly in Ireland. Annually, the industry is worth over €1.3 billion to Ireland

£0 M

UK market

There are over 224,000 transactions yearly in the UK Market. Annually, the industry is worth over £4.5 billion.

0 B

Equine market as a whole

Equine Business Association describes the Equine Industry as "...the greatest market hidden in plain sight..."


Transaction Fee

We charge 2.95% on each side of a transaction. We charge evenly and deliver value for both the buyer and the seller.

Why HorsePay?

We deliver unparalleled safety and security for buyers and sellers.

With modern technology we now have the ability to create a secure environment for people to buy and sell safely. This is part of our mission at HorsePay. We are inspiring a movement to build an honest, respectable and fair environment for our members.

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We are building a home for the global equine community to come together, to build relationships and transact with confidence.


It doesn't matter what time of the day it is or where you are, you can now access equine warranties instantly at the click of a button.

Eradicate Exploitation

We have all felt the demoralisation of being scammed, Enough is Enough! We eliminate the risk of buying a horse with an undisclosed vice.


Part of our motivation is to foster real trust between people who buy or sell equines. We are inspired to make equine transactions ethical for everyone!!

How does it work?

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